August 25, 2016



We provide a range of qualitative and quantitative research with businesses and consumers including: stakeholder engagement, staff research, communication and branding, project evaluation, customer satisfaction and purchasing behaviour.

Qualitative Research

  • Group discussions
  • In-depth interviews
  • Workshops

Quantitative Research

  • Face to face interviewing (in street, home, on-site, etc)
  • Telephone interviewing
  • Self-completion surveys (online, paper-based)
  • Mystery Shopping
  • Data analysis (SNAP)

Our flexible approach means that our market research services can be bought on a full service basis where we takes responsibility for all aspects of the project, or if you have a tight budget and some internal resources you can simply commission us to design your questionnaire, analyse the data or write a report.

Bespoke training is also offered to enable you to carry out your own research in-house or simply update your skills.